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1. How do I pay my fare?

You pay in advance of your ride using the online payment system. The Taxi does now accepts PayWave In Cab.


2. What hours do taxis operate?


High Season - Daily 6pm to Midnight Dec 27 - February 8th

Low Season - Thu/Fri/Sat 6pm to Midnight 

All Long Weekends & Beachhop - 6pm to Midnight


3. Can I take my dog in a taxi? 

Yes. Pets ride as an extra passenger. Dogs are secured by leads to clips built into the car.


4. Are you a licensed & registered Taxi service? 

Yes! The Company is registered and holds the Transport Service License and all drivers are registered passenger license holders. 


5. Can you take 5 passengers in the taxi?

Yes. The Toyota Estima is licensed and registered for 5 passengers. Note the vehicle has a step up. The vehicle carries a portable step for those that require it. 


6. Can you deliver Groceries & Food Orders for me?

Yes. Prepaid items are no problem at all. Cost is a single fare. Note: We don’t shop for you & we do not deliver Cigarettes or Alcohol.  


7. Why is my pre-ordered taxi late?

Pre-ordering a taxi gives you priority, and we endeavor to get your cab to you at the required time, but traffic & weather & where we are driving from can affect our arrival time. If we're running more than 5 mins late we will try to text or call you.


8. Will the driver knock on my door when he/she arrives?

No. The driver will text you when they’ve arrived. The taxi will wait 3 minutes before departing. Please be ready.


9. Can a driver refuse to take me? 

We can refuse passengers if, on reasonable grounds, we consider:

·         personal safety would be threatened or endangered.

·         intending passenger is under the influence of drink or drugs.

·         intending passenger is in a filthy condition.

·         intending passenger is consuming food or drink.

·         intending passenger is noisy, violent or is disturbing the public peace.

·         intending passenger is accompanied by an animal(s) without prioer agreement, unless that person’s sight is            impaired and the animal is a guide dog.

·         number of passengers wishing to travel exceeds the number stated on the vehicle’s loading certificate.

The driver may also terminate the journey at any time for any of the above reasons.

10. Lost property, where do I retrieve it? 

Any property found in a taxi is required to be dropped at the nearest police station within 24 hours if not claimed sooner. If you leave something in a taxi contact us by email or text 0274865706 and we’ll make sure it’s returned to you. If you lose a cell phone, try ringing it first.


11. Do you provide car seats for children?

No. By law we are not required to provide car seats. If you wish to travel with a child, you must supply your own booster or child seat. You must also install it before and remove it after your ride. Please advise the driver beforehand. All children must be restrained appropriately, or there is a risk of a fine. For more information, see


12. Can Children Use BlackCab Services?


Children under 13 can travel for free in the Black Cab as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult.

Students 13-18 can make use of our student fare discount that offers a single cross town ride for just $10.(Paywave Only)

Although we prefer that children ride accompanied by an adult, we understand that can not always be the case, so parents are welcome to book rides for children under 16 using their parents membership details. You can also pre-book your childs ride, like a giftcard. If BlackCab becomes aware of any account being held by a person under the age of 16, the account will be immediately suspended.

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